About PharmaSecure

In 2007, we launched PharmaSecure with a vision to protect the world from the threat of counterfeit goods

And a new way to empower consumers was born.

PharmaSecure’s innovative solutions were originally proven in the Pharmaceutical industry, protecting patients from the threat of counterfeit medicines. Counterfeit medicines are a global, multi-billion dollar epidemic that affects patients, public health, and the global healthcare system. Worldwide sales of counterfeit medicines account for an estimated $75 billion in annual sales and are responsible for an estimated 1 million annual deaths according to the World Health Organization.

In emerging markets, the threat of counterfeit medicines and other products is even greater as supply chains are not as developed and regulatory bodies have not yet evolved to completely solve the problem. PharmaSecure is the leading provider of anti-counterfeiting solutions for emerging markets and enables patients and consumers to verify the authenticity of their products with a simple SMS, mobile app, or website. With a proven solution in the pharmaceutical industry, PharmaSecure has now expanded its innovative brand protection platform to be used in a wide-range of industries including FMCG, beauty & personal care, electronics, automotive, and agri-business.

In addition to empowering consumers and patients to fight the spread of counterfeit goods, PharmaSecure’s consumer engagement solutions can be used by companies to connect with their consumers and patients and offer an innovative ecosystem with direct communications, promos, and other interactive solutions. These solutions build a consumers connection to the brand, promote peace of mind against counterfeiting, and generate actionable consumer insights that are used by leading companies to improve marketing and sales performance.

PharmaSecure has protected close to 3 billion products in 40+ geographies around the globe.