Brand Protection

Uniquely identify your products

Counterfeiting is a global threat that can harm your brand reputation and negatively impact sales of your products. Global profit from Counterfeit medicines are estimated at around $US 200 billion in 2015 as compared to $US 75 billion in 2010. The profit is more than in drug trafficking. Thus, the products don’t only dent the sales but also pose a risk to consumers’ safety. PharmaSecure’s Brand Protection solution tackles the problem, coupled with incentives for verifying codes and access to health information for patients. The system helps in identifying the locations of possible counterfeit sellers, by providing geo-coordinates as well as consumer phone number. The brand owners can use this data to raid the premises of these sellers, confiscate counterfeited products and initiate legal action against such sellers. Thus, benefiting the brand in terms of sales loss prevention and providing an intangible, valuable boost to brand reputation in the market.
Code generation
Our web portal psID® Express facilitates the Code generation process by giving access to authorized users after a successful login. Once the authorized user logs in into the page, codes can easily be downloaded by keying in the batch details and quantity of codes required.
Code application through Direct printing
Our software can provide encrypted code files directly on your printing line which can be decrypted and shared with any printer capable of doing variable printing e.g. Domino, Condot, Wolke, Videojet, Zebra, SATO, etc. Activation of the printed codes have to be done through the portal only before the product is being shipped for market.
Code Application through Labels

We can also provide a wide range of psID® labels that are pre-printed, branded, with/without added security features (e.g. scratch peel off) which can be applied on the mono cartons with available automated industrial grade label applicator systems.

Code verification

Once the codes are activated, the codes can be verified using different technologies such as mobile app, web, SMS, any 3rd party barcode scanning app (if QR Code is printed), custom verification using
psVerify ™ Web API, and Intelligent response using psID® Reflex.

Key benefits

  • Security against financial loss
  • Protection against brand damage
  • Combating organized criminal activity
  • Establishment as responsible manufacturer
  • Peace of mind for consumers

Are you concerned about:

We can help you

  • Locate key events in your supply chain and track flagged events
  • Identify multiple points of verifications across different levels of packaging
  • Map key metrics, like time-to-market and regional verifications, that will help you identify inefficiencies in real-time.
  • Pinpoint the location of suspected counterfeits
  • Identify each consumer pack by applying unique codes or doing a back-end integration with existing serialization on your package
  • Visualize consumer-pack interactions on a real-time dashboard.
  • Discourage counterfeiters
  • Engage your users by putting the power in their hands to verify their products.