Patient Engagement

PharmaSecure’s psConnect™ solution is a scalable and flexible patient engagement and disease management platform that has been proven to be effective in increasing adherence and patient compliance on long term chronic regimens while generating insights into patient behavior

psConnect™ can help you gain competitive insights and help you understand why and when your patients are dropping your product and which competitor they are switching to. It can help Improve marketing and salesforce effectiveness by quantifying how each of your team members and campaigns contribute to revenue per patient.

By Using psConnect™ tools and carefully calculated intervention methodologies, brands are not only able to support patients through their treatment, but also help increase adherence and at the same time ensure that activities are delivering adequate returns on investment. psConnect™ can help differentiate your brand and improve patient outcomes.

How it works

Recruit patients using unique IDs on a medicine or a card from the provider                                           .

Measure the impact and generate insights Why did patients drop-off from a program?